Who are you?

I’m a sleep deprived, feminist, ranty mum of two – a toddler and a newborn – living in New Zealand. I like bourbon and coke, Bruce Dickinson, and my kids. Sometimes in that order.

Can I email you?

Yes – boganette@gmail.com

You didn’t publish my comment?!?!

You have great observation skills. This is my blog and I don’t have the energy to deal with trolling or people being turds. So I don’t. Also, I subscribe to the idea that if the comments on your blog are hideous, and the community you create is hideous, it’s your fault. I don’t want to have that on my shoulders. Being a parent is tough, so if I feel like your comment is going to unnecessarily upset other parents – I won’t publish it. There’s enough toxic shitty places on the net to go if you want to call another mother a whore because she didn’t buy the right car seat. That place isn’t here.

Can you not with the swears?

There are worse things in life than swears. If you don’t like it – fluff off.

What’s a bogan/boganette?

In New Zealand a bogan is gentle creature who listens to metal and classic rock, drinks bourbon, and goes about their business wearing black jeans and chilling out. We’re nice. We’re not like Australian bogans. I got called a Boganette once and I thought it was funny because why must we always put -ette on the end of things?

Where does Mama Said come from?

A Metallica song that I’m reasonably fond of. I don’t NOT like Metallica. But I don’t like, like Metallica. But I really like Turn The Page which isn’t even their song so make of that what you will.

Why are you blogging?

I don’t know. I used to blog about feminist stuff, and I got sick of being abused and threatened constantly so I stopped. I have been content with Twitter but I wanted to keep writing while on maternity leave. My first blog post struck a chord so I figured I’d keep doing this until you stop reading.

What is JAY JUNGLE? 

Jay’s Jungle is my two-year-old’s favourite TV show. Jay is a lighthouse keeper and his friend is a lighthouse called Seymour and a bunch of monkeys. The island they live on is shaped like a J – naturally.

More questions? Email me at boganette@gmail.com

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  1. Ivey

     /  March 15, 2015

    I adore this! All the way from the U.S. of A.


  2. writeacat

     /  March 4, 2015

    You’re hilarious! Keep up the good work! 🙂 xo


  3. You’re my favourite…..



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